Morning ...

Posted on May 21, 2016 by Lisa Jolly

Well I awake, 4 am as usual and struggling to sit still whilst I check all my social media, performance of the Hong Kong and NZ stores, prepare orders for the factory and basically jump on my exciting treadmill of business for the day. The sport I call business, like a drug and at the moment I'm on a high with watching from a far whilst the cutest shop in Hong Kong has finally been discovered, Its so no accident as if you had asked me how I was last week, my thoughts and words wouldn't have been spritely! So some serious bumps in the road have been the necessary evil to get me re focused and positive on this wonderful dream of mine, nothing like your back against the way to get you back in the saddle! I'm also still smiling from ear to ear about my interview with shopify, I feel like I've made in, not in a financial way but in a content way ...hence my favourite saying 'world famous in south Auckland' ... So that's me ... In Napier with thousands of bath bombs, a pregnant daughter and a smile on my dial for a coffee !

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