Good mummy ...

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

Sitting in my little car...aka 'wilbur' , no matter what i do I still struggle with the balance of being a mum and a business chick ...but here I am about to pick Kid 3 up from school .. Only a mere 75 km approx away ..two hours drive in the morn ... And I have to wonder..WTF was I thinking ..and on a bit of reflection .. My decision to do this at the beginning of the year was pure stubbornness on my part and trying to prove a point to kid 3 that life is not always easy ...failed to think about how unbalanced this driving would make me !!! Ahhhhhhh got to go kid 3 marching my way .. He looks hungry ..not good considering ling ling just blew my Jenny Craig gig today at lunch with my bagel and cream cheese ...oh well ..




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