Narrow minds.....

Posted on August 26, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

Tuesday nights are now the worst night for me ... I come home to great comforts of a freshly made bed, dinner made and the mother in law at the helm ...what infuriates me is the trade off to the comforts is an out right take over of negativity and bullying ..which sadly is all fired back at me... I feel super grumpy right now, as I'm in horror of the narrow minds in this house ...don't get me wrong , every person is aloud an opinion and I love that ...but to generalise, and make assumptions when they are not prepared to stand in the traffic really leaves me fuming .. Anyway, I've come upstairs now ... To the beautiful bed, puppies in check , and now I'm going to think happy thoughts, as today, was a particularly awesome day with a new relationship just about to blossom with happy valley honey .. Now that's happy ... I'll cling to that for the meantime :)



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