Family outing ...

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

Nothing like coming home ..walking the first bay peacefully after kid three drops you off and illegally drives off looking in my Toyota wi... Thinking he's p diddy ...except very white (winter) getting to the local gas station to collect the company soap mobeal (aka known as the Jesus wagon as it was purchased of the pastors ...lasagne and liquine family ) which has been in the shop for a wof ..getting in to what's spose to be a soap car and smells like a rotten dead fish / chicken situation to discover that you have left your Jenny Craig meal in it ....well it only gets better , get home to have the entire kids one two and three advise me that nana and poppy have invited us out for dinner..... I'm thinking , crap I have to wash... Look normal....but I guess it's a nice thought ...only to discover its KFC Papakura ....enough said!

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