Nature release in the mall...

Posted on September 18, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

Ok, I think possible I may have been the first person in NZ history to complete a successful nature release into Sylvia park mall ..  I found karma biting me on the behind as I frantically unpacked a box of cane baskets in the middle of the mall, whilst Faulty as serving a customer... To add a little more paint to my picture ...I was running late to pick up kid 3 from school, I had turned my lunch break into a glass of wine o clock with ling ling ..a little bit of a tangent from Jenny Craig ..any way back to the story.. I'm unloading the boxes and faulty let our a high pitched scream, I jumped up from unloading to see a medium size rat run across the mall floor into the star bucks coffee lounge ... I was in fits of shock and laughter as the entire mall stopped , woman and men alike shrieked and ran from the mall. It didn't stop there ... As we all stood in wonder , wondering where the rat came from it dawned on me that I had possibly brought the rat in the box with the baskets .. Carefully pulling another basket back ... Only to have a flying rat jump out straight at me and do a runner in the mall to the florist .,then another ..straight into countdown ...I had brought the whole family ...omg !!!! Due to the drama kid 2 , who had been working the earlier shift came flying back into the scene ..(with a snack of course) and took control...( police training kicking in I assume) and I chose to leave whilst around another 10 rats of various ages decided to leave the box and fun into the shopping mall .... As I drove to pick up kid three all I could think about was number 16 rat escaping in my car before it got to the mall !!

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