Escaping and reloading my fruit basket ....

Posted on September 21, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

I can't help but smile sitting at the airport , it feels like my happy place...and also I'm feeling super happy with last nights election result, not because I dont like certain things about other parties, but simply that I have succeeded under the national government , and I'm such a true believer of creating your own wealth and destiny and not relying on anyone else to do it!  This has become so clear to me especially over the last couple of months, as I have currently made a mistake on believing someone else could help create MY vision... So not feeling empowered, hot looking and working with B1 and B2 , alpaca 3 on the banana boat , I can see that my fruit basket it now becoming full again ...not full of financial gain ...but full of confidence , full of fun,and full of what we do best ...winging it !


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