Warm up the jet Branson ....

Posted on October 06, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

I'm on such a high ...purpose is awesome , and after serving a bit of a serve of built up reality to a certain person who has been in life for a while ..killing my Flo Jo ... I would have to say that I , make that me, and we...people in my life and business are feeling just fine!  During fine dining at subway for lunch my team ..or now known as the 'peeps' ..the 'bobby bananas'  and or the 'heads of departments' ..aka mum and ling ling ....we discussed what we would do on Richard Bransons island ...we also discussed that if ling ling was up the duff, she could have a water birth , as we are quite confident Richard will sort it for us ..I however, was fixed on travelling to the bar in a submarine in a black and gold sequinned bikini.... Anyway ... #buildabiz #shopify ...my new hashtag talents .... You have given us back our purpose ...so thanks a bunch honeybunch!

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