3 weeks in ...1 week to go :/

October 19, 2014

3 weeks into the shopify comp I've turned into an absolutely nutty happy work aholic  again ...yay ..I'm back ... Making strong decisions can be hard, but I always believe that if you put your dream and your vision out to the world ..that someone just has to hear it..and that is all I need to keep the creative fuel going !  I'm off to my black shop today ..it reminds me of my old scent ..the worst house on the street , but going to be the best most fun place to 'bee' ..a hive of absolutely fun and nutty ..and what I love!  I can't wait to sit there , create , and get everything out of my head into a visual candy land of the newly sprouting honeybunch.  Along with my work ethic that has turned up again since my previous negative influences , so has my wonderful friendships .. Business is fun if you are with the right people ..and when I'm happy the energy and the business is nourished , fun and exciting ..it's a wonderful feeling!  I'm so going to give it my all to meet Richard Branson , I was super sad when one of my bucket lists, Joan Rivers kicked the bucket , she was such a strong funny lady.... So here's my chance to meet Richard and the awesome mentors on an awesome island ! OMG what more can a girl want ...so off to make it happen now :) !!!!