3 bar b b q.... 4 Indians ..1 side kick and a little glimmer of hope ..

October 29, 2014

I'm not sure how to describe my feeling of absolute contentment ... In fact I haven't felt so happy ...since ... Well ever!   My Mum has been preaching completely that she is a fatalist for the last few weeks , and I'm actually starting to embrace my new path, new challenge and new direction.  I've got my work ethic on, and I'm going for gold, and the best thing is I'm surrounded by people who give a f..k... It's just occurred to me that if life is fun and meaningful , then it's going to be a great ride ... What bothers me is that when I stopped believing this ? Anyway back on track , as worldy friends of all flavour give me a hand and actually look like they love it too ... The impossible has become possible and meeting Richard Branson in my white ..looking hot ...low Clevage but not so trashy ...more Hermes look ..thrown together at the last minute white suit seems doable .... Just like 'taken' down the way .. (Aka hot tattooed guy who makes doors)  anyway I diverse .... Honeybunch is my new gig ... And I'm loving it ... Everything about it !!  It's brought me back to life ... And I'm going to live every glorious honeybunch moment ... !! Yo Branson ...get birthing pool ready ...just in case for ling ling ...her baby house is ready!