Holly Molly ...

Posted on November 12, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

It's raining, it's quiet and I'm at the factory having a moment ..I look tired ..but inside I'm bursting with energy.  Had a few moments of OMG ,.WTF am I doing, but after a few flower arrangements , some happy customers and some calming words and messages of being missed from Ling Ling I feel so happy and like as my Mother would say ..on the right path ..and it's going to happen anyway!   The buildabiz comp has me on fire ..knowing that other people in the world are watching my efforts and tweeting encouragement along the way is so awesome! ...actually that's the best thing ever...as loosing confidence, and knowing that people have tried to change what has made me cool at what I do ..sucks ...so building up and starting something from fresh is so so super cool!  I wish more New Zealanders celebrated instead of having that poppy syndrome gig ...perhaps that's why poppies are one of my favourite flowers..they look a little weird ,.. A little hairy like me in winter ..and then all of a sudden they pop open bold, but fragile but pretty ... Hmmmmm ...I'm a poppy ...why didn't I know that!! .??





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