hello wall....

Posted on November 21, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

I've been dodging the wall for a while but after scooting around it a lot lately, I feel like its right there...and its saying...sleep...sleep... sleep...Its been an interesting week, as I drive HB and keep it nurtured in watered, that seems like the easy part...the hard part is keeping my family all in one piece , and I mean literally ...Kid 3 decided after I picked him up yesterday that he would murmur that he had cut his foot whilst being at a friends house...didn't think much of it at the time..anyway this morning I received a text at about 8 am ...from kid 3..i thought ...hold on a minute..kid 3 awake...alarm bells rang ..anyway , he proceeded to tell me in his grunt style tone that he may need a stich..so lucky for me, not for the hubby, that hubby was home after working all night (yay ..bed to myself ..I digress) that he could show his wound man to man....low and behold, a grumpy husband, and a trip to the hospital , and about one zillion stiches later ..kid three is now on bed rest for weeks... I mean..is that a teenage thing.. 'ohhhh my foots hanging off....don't worry it will grow back whilst Im sleeping''... unbelievable!  Well, Im still a work ..may have wee cry ..just a tired one..actually know a loud one...just looking out at the factory floor and just remembered that the head of business banking Nigel Perkins has decided that he wants to work in the factory for the day ..bloody hell.....the factory is like a soap crack house at the mo ..., im going to have to have a sleep and wear makeup..I sense a hair doo!..actually a hair doo and a wine!

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