new years resolutions...

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Ok , I flatly refuse to give up chocolate or worry about it, so that's not an option...peanut butter and white bread is here to stay as well! But I do have a whole bunch of stuff that im actually going to do, and anyone who knows me, knows that if I decide to do something ..then its going to happen... so putting it out there world... 1.  Im going to Necker Island....I may be the one, floating around in a kayak around and around the island after convincing some local native to show me which direction to paddle..but trust me, I'm going! I'm not settling for any certificate of merit!  2.  I'm going to launch and sell my product to Mr FUBU himself Daymond John. 3. I'm not going to tolerate negative people in my life...if they want to be searly sues..they can f..k off.. 3. I'm going to enhance my tits...I haven't got much time to make the most of these need to maximise  4.  I'm going to get a big scary fat bank loan to do my Hong Kong Honeybunch..back against the wall stuff...but hey..I can do this! 5. I'm going to tell everyone I can to love animals, and if I catch people doing otherwise, I'm going to punch them in the nose  6. I'm going to love my hubby even though I scare the bejesus out of him most days and finally ... 7.  I'm going to write my blog everyday ... starting from now ...easy !!

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