50 orders down...

Posted on January 11, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Feeling a bit naughty as I have already broken my New Years Resolution about my daily blog...I'm thinking that I can let myself off, as I have been working like a busy queen bee, cleaning and regrouping the work shop, and packing orders at every possible moment... 50 orders today, was aiming for 75, but 2 ice creams later, four rolls of packaging tape ...I gave up...Kid 3 tried to pull out of helping me after I prepaid him to work cause he 'so needed to go out'... but Im certainly not in the mood to be messed around ..so managed to get is stinky body out of his room, so he could help me with workshop dishes...fun..fun...love working with such a delightful teenager...anyway.... I'm going to take some time to sit in the sun, and hopefully the tide will come in so I can take a summer dip too ... :)

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