The gods are playing ...its a sign ...

January 15, 2015

I guess it would be fair to say I have plenty of experience in the college of hard knocks with business and how it rolls....

There are a couple of things that always happen before something amazing happens, and for me, its 'the gods playing' and keeping me grounded with my feet on the if such an odd balance of never to much good, just a hint of hardship and a few moments of 'holly molly' ... I had it all today!

Most would probably think 'why me' but for me...I think, yay, I'll have an exciting story to tell when I get to my success!! Success is nothing without the journey ..that's for sure, I mean what would I talk about when Im on Necker Island, talking to then likes of Sir Richard Branson, and Mr FUBU..I would have nothing to I'm actually so happy for all of the ups and downs today. I don't think looking super hot will just cut it on Necker with such amazing minds...

So in summary ..I'm super happy that ..

1. I've found a fabulous fun new accountant who is helping me talk the bank into me getting into astonishing debt to get my Hong Kong Adventure..

2. I'm super happy that I only ate one ice cream today!

3. I'm really happy that lots of customers have emailed me saying how happy that they are with their honeybunch purchase :)

4. I'm happy that when I'm just about to hit the wall whilst packing all the orders after an 18 hour stint, that some 'people' decide to challenge me over and over again on my shipping price ..(happy cause it woke me up)!... (note to oneself....put up shipping more I just realised how much money I'm loosing here!)..thanks 'people' :)

5. I'm super happy that my workshop is located in South Auckland, I can turn up Mai FM and rap as loud as I want, and no one knows any different .... yo yo yo .....

6.  I'm super NOT happy that some person twittered me about how to loose weight ..... my repy to them ..'I'm not fat!'

7.  I'm also happy that a lovely lady helped me and told me to check my spelling on my blog's awesome to have people help you :) thanks wing you sweet 'young' thing :)