low....high...big cry...

Posted on January 20, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Wow, what a day ...I've been on absolute tender hooks for the past few weeks whilst I have been learning to jump rope again and not only jump over the rope and in and out of a hoop or two,  I've also have had to grow some new thick skin in the process too!   Skin I've tried to soften and loose over the past six months, with realisation that the people in my life are worth letting my guard down for... so putting it back on for a loan application process has been tough in itself!

I guess with confidence and formality comes the fact that it is quite possible that I didn't go to the college of hard knocks, but I possibly have a college of hard knocks named after me, and that I am the founding member!  The reason I mention that, is that with the due process of borrowing a truck load of cash to follow your dreams, you are forced to reveal your hand and your history, some of it, long buried and some of it hard to relive...but I did it, and as I always say, success is nothing, absolutely nothing without the journey. 

So for me, success has already come in some way, I've managed to weather the storm of inexperience, aggressiveness, selling my soul, trusting to much, and lack of confidence and self belief...finally I have found success, others believe I can do it, and you know what, not just I, but 'we' will...we being the handful of people who have believed in me through thick and thin.

So now, what a wonderful feeling to have a new group of people, ready to back me...and just me...my mind..my ideas..not some strategic person with no passion, drive, vision and kindness..just me.... so I guess that's where the cry came in ...came in after the shock, as we sat at the work shop Julz, hubby and me...shocked that we get a chance to do our stuff..take #honeybunch to the world..... So after a toast (bubbles always on hand in fridge just in case we have a moment) ....everyone left ...just me again....a cry ...and a call to my Mum ...isn't that what you do ......Anyway I'm back ...stronger than ever ...happier than ever... and hey, I may fall flat on my face, but at least I will have wonderful tales to tell..... and hopefully many .....

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