Talking spank on you tube ...eeeeekkkk...

Posted on January 30, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Ok, the fun thing is, that when you see yourself on YouTube ...part of you feels like a Hollywood star....the other part sees the mo growing darker than expected and the saggy neck!!  The great thing is, the boobs still look fab! Thank God.... Long may they stay perky!

What you do realise, when you are trying to come up with ideas to tell the world, or share your trade secrets, is that most of it is subtle, hidden or almost automated things you do that are the most priceless ...  I guess I would expect that everyone would know what I know or do, but it's the tiny little things on reflecting on what make me me, that are special and actually I'm thinking YouTube is going to be great for my confidence again and getting back into the saddle so to speak!  As for saddle, my arse it burnt to a crisp with the Hawaiian sun...and I'm thinking that's a good thing, as I have become a custom to sitting on it whilst here!

Anyway, I guess when you hit the 40s you may have some knowledge to pass would be super awesome if I could just inspire one person to do what they love instead of just dreaming it .... Rock on YouTube ...rock on Necker Island!

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