Chocolate and French sticks ...

Posted on February 04, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Today has been like a bakery of everything naughty and yummy but super fun!

A wickedly successful planning meeting with my bank manager and my accountant ..who might I add makes meetings worth while going to ..... Jokes ,laughs and dreams on the table, it was wicked to have such support! A new experience for me especially after my last six months of selling my soul to Mr holiday pay.   

There's so much to look forward to, and the such a great year ahead...Hong Kong underway machine on the way awesome little Bailey, aka new young you tube reviewer presenting me with her audition tape which blew my socks off....not only that, I completely love the fact that at the ripe old age of 18ish she had the courage to beat the tall poppy syndrome and stand up and contribute to the honeybunch journey... :) and then of course my dearest friend julz ...aka Amy ...she needs a badge too ;) I've watch her since my return calmly but surely step into another role and phase of her life ...and she's doing a bloody great job!  So honeybunch was me ...and now there is 3 ...maybe four with some alpacas or more ...

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