Poppy puppy thick skin required.....

Posted on February 07, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

NZ is a small place , and I would subscribe to having a thick skin.... But just like any other small business owner with big dreams there is a fine line of how and who to tell your excited vision to ...especially in little old NZ!  I guess after my return from my holiday in Hawaii, feeling energised and ready to get stuck into my Honeybunch adventure again, I have become more confident and more ready to put myself out there even more ...the fine line of doing this, is to whom do I share my excitement with, my visions ...who will be excited for me and who will be happy to cut me off at the knees ...

I've spent the last couple of days trying to grow abit more thick skin as there have definitely been a few people with industrial grade clippers out .... But just as the poppy that is regularly cut in this country, I'm not going to let these clipper welding short gardeners trim my stalk ... (Would be great if they could trim off some of the wine o'clock extra around the mid area).... I'm a poppy ...ready to bloosom , and full of surprises..who knows what colour will pop out ... And lucky for me....when the poppy choppers are out ...I have two adorable puppies who always look at me with absolute unconditional love and admiration ...thats all I need for now ... besides ..they will look great with customised little Honeybunch doggie coats when this poppy blooms to the world .. ..

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