Sunday morning .......

Posted on February 08, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Sunday morning, I've woken up feeling super energised and quite feisty actually ..a massive change from my yesterday flat line.  Nothing like some exercise, some tweets from super awesome business people in a world far away to help you snap out of a poor me moment!  

I guess in in a blog you can write shit down that you think, and assume that not many people are going to read it , hence there being so many good bloggers around ...I would love to learn how people make money doing this, as for me it's purely become a venting sharing board for me to rant and share good stuff too...almost like my own Pinterest board of organised life Kaos.... So anyway, I think I will make it my goal this year to learn more about blogging and what and how you make money off it..... To me that would be ultimate ... Travel, blog, travel, swim, blog, eat, drink cocktails, blog .... Hmmmmm (note to oneself work out this blog shit)

Anyway, I have #timferriss book in hand and I'm making myself read four pages a day ...why four,mcause I figure it matches the title,.. I actually love the book, and want to read more, but reading is actually super hard for me, I don't know why, but let's just put it this way it's not my natural talent.  I once read a Nick Hornby book in full, such a shock that I have been looking and buying his books ever since, however, it seems both Nick and I have slowed up! 

Im hoping everyone listened to the #arnoldpod cast, need that dinner with #timferriss ....but right now ... Time to get my four pages read and off to work (p.s sorry #timferriss, need to read the book before I can stop working Sunday's ...need to win the #buildabiz comp) ...(another note to myself ...don't forget to put make up on mosquito bite on my eye before going to work )....

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