jet the cat ...........

Posted on February 15, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I had a great sleep's been a huge week with kid one graduating from police college ...Valentine's Day flowers orders exceeding my thoughts and organisation.... And an emotional mind as I cope with business growth becoming actual adults and me determined to manage my business romotely whilst winning the #buildabiz comp .... Wheeeewwwww ...deep breath!

My beautiful black cat jet, handsome by nature, so kind and wise, and a bit 'street cat' looking has obviously sensed my stress, and has been constantly at my side these past few days when ever I am home, right in my face, giving me a Luv whenever possible ...I saved him off the middle of the road around 4 years ago after some absolute cowardly wanky arseholse threw a box of kittens out of a moving car onto the road...lucky I was the first car on the scene and stopped to find my Jet sitting there looking at me, ...I picked him up to discover her was the only survivor ...his poor brothers and sisters were dead and I in anger put him in the car, on my lap ...detmined d to track down the wanker and deal to him ...I don't know how...but I wa so angry I didn't care ....I never found them ..but still look for the car..

Since that day Jet has been the caretaker of me, and although he loves everyone else ...he spends most of this time smoochiing and being in my space at every possible moment ...he also cares for all of the other animals in the house, being so kind and caring to them all ....its truely beautiful ...

Thanks Jet're a beautiful cat, and thanks for helping me get through this week... (I know you can't read....but actually you have helped me write this whilst sitting on my lap ...)

The Puuurrrrrrrrrrfect start to the day ...

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