Tim Ferriss... I'm not giving up ...

Posted on February 17, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

So funny how things can change in a blink of an eyelid ....this morning I woke up foul mouthed and feral and now I feel like a Victoria secret model/angel ... I'm sure it helped that I sprayed the sparkle glitter mist on this morn ....even though I'm not fussed on the scent ... I spray it on with the slight belief that for just one moment I may look partital Victoria secret model for even just one mili second ....Or at least even just the short mother of one! Ahhhh the power of marketing ... This is the sort of mili second I need to capture for Honeybunch.

Anyway, it certainly wasn't Christian Grey that put me in a good mood, quite the opposite in fact ...actually it was a favourite on a tweet I made last week attempting to win the heart or at least the dinner strings of Mr Tim Ferriss to earn a dinner in San Fran.  I've decided a favourite in Twitter is just enough to get you to the Victoria secret moment again...enough to endorse you knowing that a complete stranger, who knows where, has acknowledged you.  In my case, acknowledging that I'm really trying to win the bloody dinner!   So I figure, no news is good news...and just as Arnie never gave up ...then I won't to....  Have you listened to the #arnoldpod ...like Arnie it will never go out of style, and INFACT it will motivate the socks off you.... Trust me ...would an Angel lie to you ;) ....

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