Birthday blog ....!

Posted on February 23, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Today has been a fab day!

Ive been at work filming a TV ad for westpac banking, who is intrigued about my Honeybunch journey, asked me a lot of questions about #buildabiz and the future of the business, exciting to be supported!  Then lunch with my HB a crew...they are the best ever! It's not hard to be at work with people who have a genuine sparkle in their eye :)   It's amazing to think that my business is going to be followed by a film crew over then next year whilst it indulges in this international journey into Hong Kong ...actually I'm slightly speechless!

After some wine and giggles, I feel so happy and relaxd about the future.  I may be 44 but I actually feel 30, but with the wisdom and education that my business years have taught me...priceless learning!

Im so excited's year has come and 4 + 4 is 8 and in Asia that's great luck...for me luck equals years of dreaming and selling my journey and vision .. And now it's here!   Let the adventure begin and let all of the wonderful people in my life enjoy the ride...

#p.s. #timferriss see you in San Fran ...I don't give up!  


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