sharks ....nates....and books by their covers ...

Posted on February 25, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

It's been one of those days of absolute highs and lows ...

I'm sitting on the floor in my office, having the first moments peace today ..which might I say is heaven!  No one here, everyone has gone home and its just me and my crazy arse thoughts..yup...bliss!

My phone hasn't stopped ringing today ..and everything I wanted to do has been blown out of the water..I've created yet another monster.

Note to oneself again.... book trip and have a phone free flight ......

I'm loving this journey with this business, but now with the certain opening in Hong Kong I really need some quite time to get my shit sorted...OK ..make it happen...calm...I can do this..

Still bloody promotion the #arnoldpod cast ....not going to let Mr Ferriss win... will keep doing it until I see hes picked a winner....another note to myself ...eeeeeekkkk to many notes!

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