Packing ......

March 05, 2015

My journey phase 589 -g starts tonight as I attempt to try on suitable winter clothes for my Utah journey in the freakin hot sun!  It's not a good combo as I unstick clothes and pop them in my suitcase whilst reading fish jokes on my face book page ...I mean fish jokes ...where did that come from!

I haven't packed Much, as I have visions of hoarding a machine back in my case whilst still living in hope for a #timferriss dinner ....that combo is really not looking so good either!  

Its probably quite a good time to gap it on my new found mini retirements as the full moon appears to be coming in ...and Julz eye was twitching today as she started looking a tad feral!

I'm also quietly living in dreamland hoping that on touch down in Utah ...I will quickly see Susie crazy road trip life friend, and a limo will drive up ...probably cranking big Sean ...with a sign saying #hustle bunch aka #honeybunch please get in courtesy of #natestate ...of course ..champagne will be on ice (very hopeful considering Mormons don't drink) and then the limo will drive straight to Robert Redfords house for some ...ummmmmmm....Robert Redford stuff.... Maybe lassoing ...western hats ...not sure ...but hey to dream...!    Oh ..... And I'll look like s Victoria secrets model .... Easy!