Missed my plane ...where are you Tim ferris ....

Posted on March 07, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

What does one do when she is sitting on an airport floor huddled to an I phone charger ..awaiting the next plane ...hmmmmm, ....she writes about it!

Not the greatest start to my trip and my bag and I are now separated by desert, a Great Lake and probably some sort of cactus ...and of course in my bag is the holly pack. ...I'm in full faith that we will be reunited soon ..as stinking like a dogs arse with the thought of no fresh clothes in the snow is also a little disheartening!Positive thinking ...anyway ..if I don't make the next flight ...on standby ..I have a vision of trawling San Fran looking for Tim Ferriss ...and then plan b is to stay in a b rate hotel and watch law and order omnibus ...either way ...she'll be right mate ...this is part of the journey ...besides ..what am I going to talk about when I'm not just stinking ..but stinking rich too right? #buildabiz 

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