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Posted on March 10, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I just read a shopify post saying that Richard Branson was choosing a well deserving person to pop along to Necker ...I'm not going to lie....I already knew that, as I have become entrenched in winning this god damn amazing competition right from the word go!

Ive told everyone who will even listen for a possible millisecond that I'm in it to win it ...and I guess, as I sit in an airport hotel in Utah of all places, I thought it might be a nice start to write a blog about me and why and how the #Buildabiz comp has helped me make amazing discoveries and give me a well needed boost to get back on the horse so to speak...also to tell you how I ended up in Utah of all places! 

Me, well middle aged but cute... Actually I feel super young at heart ...alway have done...a Mum, 3 kids of all which have finished school and now grinding away at their chosen careers.... For me ,..the school finishing thing was the starting gun for myself to go get the world and create a world brand ....I've done my dependant Mother Gig ..and now it's about me, ticking off the boxes and really showing myself and others that is you really want to make something happen you can... And more so it can be absolute fun!   

Meet me, Lisa Jolly ...also known as Honeybunch!  Funnily enough most just know me as Honeybunch as I just realised whilst travelling to Utah... (A whole other story)  Honeybunch is my world brand that is going to be fun, fabulous, creative , clean (being soap and stuff) handmade, wild, not in the box, but full of manuka honey a fab famous honey only available in NZ...it's not going to smell like honey ...but it will certainly have the goodness of manuka honey inside whilst you can enjoy the fabulous scents and flavours that I create!  So effectively Honeybunch is me dressed up in a soap!  

Anyway, me...work aholic ..treat my creations like a sport ...fabulous at creating wicked stuff, never had the money to get it off the ground to full capacity ...also hard to find people in new zealand who actually believe it's possible to make things happen without fitting into a certain click ...networking in a certain way and over planning the fuck out of things ...so once then plan is a plan, the idea lost and someone else in the world has already done it!  Not for me ....

Dont get me wrong, I'm in Utah sitting quietly number crunching and planning growth for my Honeybunch Hong Kong shop ...and then ....yes then...the USA....

Yup, I'm in Utah dropping after successfully off a #honeybunch gift pack that I managed to hustle #natestate into buying...a very nice cool guy who took a leap of faith and ordered of me in little old NZ.... Part of my hustle to sell him the pack was to tell him I would deliver it personally.... He purchased and I delivered straight to his kick arse mansion door!  I even got an invite in, so that was cool!  Why did I do it you may ask? ...because I want #honeybunch to be noticed...it needs to be to be international as international does not turn up at your door! Second reason ....I love people and travel ....and animals ....after travelling my mind of full of fabulous ideas, resourcefulness and joy...and happy Honeybunch make fabulous #honeybunch products! So it's win win, cause I believe a great product with great energy equals success..even if it's not dollars straight away ...they will come eventually, however, I may spend them in the process!

Only bummer on this trip is no #timferriss meeting ...but hey .... A little more work, and it will happen on Necker ....lol ...trapped on an island with me.... :/ 

Then I have to say ....if I hadn't entered the #buildabiz comp then I wouldn't be here...I wouldn't have had the money to jump on the plane ...and I wouldn't have got the business to a level where I  can run remotely for periods of time ...so for 6 months I'm absolutely stocked with my progress!  

I've also managed to get funding from my bank to open my Hong kong store in October...why because I have bought them on board the #Buildabiz story ..and now they hare filming a TV add and documentary following my journey and obviously using my 'I'm going to make it happen' attitude to help the 'bank' look more user friendly.

People keep saying ....how did that happen ...well...actually honestly, I entered the #BuildaBiz comp, built my own website myself through #shopify and made it happen....I just don't think many people try hard to do it ...and expect it to come to them ...but hand on heart ...it's easy, fun and adventurous ...everything I want in a business!  I don't actually like my website much at all ..I did my best with no computer skills....but it works ...I'm selling heaps and I made it ...and more so, in June after the #Buildabiz comp is complete I have a company lined up to revamp it, make it bi lingual and also build a completely new shopify website for the Hong Kong Market ...I've choosen the theme myself and I'm going to teach myself to take amazing photos for the new website..something I love...and the best thing ....the business will have enough money to pay for it ...all from making it happen in October 2014!

I'm feeling like a winner already ...Necker will be the icing on the cake....a week with me and 5 invites later ...I'm thinking I'll have a fab group of celebs at my #honeybunch Hong Kong shop opening!

 Thanks #shopify, #RichardBranson and #Buildabiz for an awesome 'go get them' competition! 

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