Getting back to me......

Posted on March 21, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

the sun is shining ...I'm at home, been to work this morning and I'm actually really having to put some energy into getting healthy and well again. ...which sucks!  I'm never sick fact haven't been to the doctor for 10 years now, something I'm quite proud of ..I just simply haven't got time for being unwell or even entertaining the notion of it ...however, it appears that a higher power has decided to punch me in the snout so I take a forced rest! I'm juggling my day with work ..4 am start orders ..sleep...puppy walks ...sun sit ...sleep ..lots,of fruit and vegetables and more sleep ...and actually like any good business plan it seems to be working.

Ive advertised for more help/staff and thank goodness that this week appears to be looking more promising,  as last weeks interviews ended up more like counciling sessions, paired with no shows and leaving me feeling super frustrated on why people couldn't see or understand what I was looking for..I'm looking for someone who can naturally see the big picture..I want to see a twinkle in their eye and the attitude of yeah ...lets do this !  I so need these type of people around me especially when I'm about to borrow close to half a mil to open my Hong Kong store ...some in house Luv and support is super crucial to me right now.

Anyway, my massive month to win this comp is coming ....April need to be 100 percent fighting fit for this ...along with the launch of my shark tank shaving soap Its all go for this Honeybunch ...#buildabiz I have indeed done I have had big time ...burnout ..nearly but I'm to good for that ... So Necker here I come ...start diet tomorrow! 

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