bring it ...

Posted on March 22, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Amazing when you start to feel better!! It's like liberating ..and for me's like an extra boost of energy!

I've been reigniting my fire to win this #BuildaBiz competition, and plotting away the best way to hit massive sales in the next two months I can kick some of these fabulous looking competitors to the curb...I mean, I'm not walking away with a certificate of merit here ...I'm in it to win it ...and also I'm in it to take Honeybunch to the world!

I want to be the person who has started with nothing ...built it myself and sold the most.... It would be the best prize ever to tell others that they can actually do it too...a bit of hard work and application ...but it's possibly for anyone if they decide to make it happen...that's for sure!

I've spent hours over the past week whilst focusing on getting better researching lush, Hong Kong and handy hints on everything online, websites etc .... So in fact the break has been awesome for learning and gathering my thoughts and directon.

Anyway ...1 st April ...maybe April fools day ...but I'm not kidding when im going to sale more than anyone else in the competition in the world !!! this space .... 

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