Dogs ....blogs.... And runs ...,

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

The dogs think I'm nuts along with everyone else I'm sure ..but I'm actually starting to feel my nutty self again ...which is fabulous ...! It was even more exciting when my Nike run app told me I was a good girl for doing a run three days in a row!  I've been trying everything to kick this bug ...Panadol every four hours ...neighbour who told me that happens to be climbing Mt Everest this month had to try ...water galore ...chocolate to sweeten the water ..and healthy eating ...along with midday naps and running ...actually dancing each night to sweat it out!...and yes... Success ....I'm starting to feel like me!

The other great thing is that Julz appears to be 'taken' the reigns and building her confidence ...a new staff member today, so Honeybunch is officially starting to buzz....

I also just realised that my target for April is actually the entire Honeybunch sales to date...from 1 st October ... But I believe I can do this ....people have already started asking about Mother's Day ...and as hard is it is to hold off my hardcore marketing until 1 st April ...I'm feeling quietly confident that once the switch is turned on, then we will be really in reach of the mark ... Exciting ...all thanks to the Bloody #BuildaBiz competition!  It will be great practice for Hong Kong! 

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