No #arnoldpod ...what to do .....

March 27, 2015

I feel semi wicked at the moment ...possibly the fact that I'm having a giggle as my darling Julz runs around making flowers for me for all of the orders we have been getting ...only because I'm  blind as a bat ...especially when I'm tired and misread my flight ..thought I was leaving at 2 pm ..happened to be 8 am....and happened to discovery his minor insight at around 7 pm last night :/ oooopppps ! Love you Julz!

I had forgotten how labour intensive being a florist is ...and with online ordering .,everything is instant, last minute along with very long messages these days use to be a phone call ...a wee message cause everyone was embarrassed and the day before sort of stuff...oh no....not now coming in  to work and going from 5 flower orders to 40 in the matter of one hour with the courier coming in five is rather stressful!  Especially when I'm such a service  orientated nut Job and take such pride in my work and biz !  So today I jumped on a plane ...and Julz picked up the pieces thanks a bunch honeybunch!

Excuse the possible typos #wendywings ...I always think of you now when I tap my blog ...but a delayed flight means a glass of red means a dreamy head :) 

Im still reading the 4 hour work week #timferriss .... And it's not that great, as everytime I read my 4 pages ...I want to phone people and tell them this bloody book ... ... And feel energetic not recommended for plane reading! #cantsleep

Im going to splash out in some fake gucci reading glasses in China .... I don't like looking like a grandma ...someone should bring out some sort of cool like ...not tacky crap ! But affordable enough to sit on when you can't see !

One more thing ...cheers of delight by the team as we have finally conned a new florist to jump on our crazy journey!!! I can't say actually what Julz said when I told her the news.... Something like Holly f..k shaz..thank god shaz ...bloody h.ll when does she start!  #Buildabiz good times :) 

Welcome newby florist .... Work hard hard ...