The quite before the storm .....

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day ...everything tastes better... And part of travelling that I love,  is the grazing on Buffett breakfasts...if you looked at my table I have counted 7 plates and 3 cups ... Sorry Eco dishwashing people ..I love a shiny clean plate for each serving ...

Whilst 'feeding' I'm loading products on the website ...find that boring as hell .. I prefer deleting them when sold that loading them I know you have to spend money to make money ..but when looking at 20 or so handbags I just see filthy Luca tied up in stock!  I also see me with each one of them if they don't sell I always have a plan B ...

Have fleeting visit with HK a invest today to touch base and tell them about my insane plans for Hong Kong ..then home tonight and meeting with bank straight on my return so hopefully I can pass on some of my positive energy glow to them .... Especially with how much money I actually need!!  (Note to oneself buy Banking team cheap gifts from market today) 

Nervous and excited to see how we cope with the work load this April, it will be a great test for us to see if we can handle HK production 24/7 ish ...about to turn on my sell switch 1 st April and it ain't no joke...I have a massive target ...but hey ....I can do this ...I'm sure I can ... Ok ...I'll try really really really hard! 

Besides any doubt is normally quashed with a visual of me in my bikini nestled Necker, cocktail in hand ... Richard Branson, Daymond and Tim all fighting over who wants to invest .....ahhhhh .....ok better stop feeding ..bikini not looking so Good! #BuildaBiz

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