Positive ...negative ....

Posted on April 09, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Ok .,.a short bleat ... I always believe that when things are going great that there will and almost has to be a negative to keep you grounded... A something that says ..someone's going to find you not so cool ...get back down to earth now 40 something woman ...and sure enough I awoke to that this morning ...crucial probably for me and most at this early stage of business and #BuildaBiz comp.

Any way, what have I learnt this week ..1. Most People who buy shit online don't read the posts completely ...they only read what they want ... I just dont get that?  2.  A fine few once they purchased stuff they make their own rules up in their head, receive the goods within the terms of buying and then make it a point to write a long message about it ..using the own rules they have made up in their heads.. 3. Some people are clearly unhappy people and decide because you have a social media presence they will attempt you to make feel shit too ... 4..some people use the term 'when I was a child ,... Well news flash people ..your not a child anymore ...more than likely your parents or grandma purchased stuff for you .. Time to at least step into the 90s right ... You are old now!  

OK better now ...grounded ...happy ..shiny as Middle kid has stolen my foundation again ...so shinny happy person ...off for staff walk (aka walking dogs ).....

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