Boobologist ...

April 16, 2015

I don't know who warped this sounds .,but I went for a quick health check today ..I actually haven't been to the doctor since 1998!  I had to actually go to the local dairy to buy a comb to try and brush my hair, as it has been in some sort of weird soap knot for around a week, and I didnt want the doctor to think I was actually homeless!

I never get sick but a nagging inner me told me I should go, as ironic as my life plays out ..I would just finally crack it in my business, only to be struck down by some illness...that would so suck!  The next worse warped thing..if that's such a phrase, is that I think I only went so someone could actually tell me I was OK, and then the next worse thing was I nearly drifted off to sleep whilst the booboligist scanned my boob.

The amount of work and pressure I have out my self under is insane I'm using every inch of my being to launch Honeybunch into Hong Kong , and win the #Buildabiz completion.  I will actually cry for many months if I don't ...I think that's hormones and working from 3 am every morning till 9 at night ...very poor me right now!

I also had the first team meeting today for Honeybunch ... 4 of us...(mum included) and I so can't wait until Monday when a my new florist aka do everything possible help me out keep me sane chick starts ..... Ok ...bed now to rest my's been a big day!