The list....

April 19, 2015

OMG ...can't wait to tell you about my new favourite thing ...!  A clip board dated from about 1970 I believe , a pen and a piece of paper! Amazing's been so nuts lately with Honeybunch trying to reduce orders whilst things pile up ..not only the orders , but all the crucial shit flying around my brain ..normally around midnight to 4 am .......BUT...I've fixed it...thanks #timferriss , I may be better at the 4 hour sleep at the mo ...compared to the 4 hour week..but your bloody list works mate!

I feel so much better getting it all out of my head and on to paper ...and crossing it off ...even more rewarding ... Now to make my packing list for Necker.

1. Kayak

2. Steel cowgirl

3. Chocolate treats and vino for journey 

4. Shark repellant ....