Aggressive nature not needed thanks....

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Today has been one of those days full of highs and lows appears to be the nature of the beast as you grow and engage more people in your business life.. The highs have definitely come from new staff, old staff and me realising that we are really doing so well in cranking out stock and a quality product..and it appears the majority of people appreciate it... 

The definate lows are having people taking piece of string and running with it ...I'm thinking that some people must be super unhappy to phone up so aggressive from the onset ...not only aggressive but pretty nasty.

 The next thing people who purchase online just don't read ..they only see what they want to see matter how, where and when you place information, they only see the FREE and the deals with no comprehension of what they are agreeing to...only to have it chucked back at you ... Hmmmmm, it's these people who put you off online retailing and ruin the next deal for the next ... It's really a massive learning curb..

Anyway , not going to let a few grumps get me down .. Chin up butter cup...besides just bought my new Hong Kong website domain least if I get grumpy Chinese people, I won't be able to understand them!

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