MR, MR and I .....

Posted on April 26, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I really thought I would write early about my Friday ...but with orders coming in left, right and centre, my feet are barely touching the ground! 

Anyway, on Friday, a week after my boobologist appointment, I was sent to have an MRI...that's my first I LOL.... I never get sick or anything...infact the last time I went to the doctor was in 1998... So I have spent a good week feeling a little weird about the whole thing..  Actually so happy I've been so busy helped take my mind off it.

The MRI lady was so wonderful, she made me feel so calm, as I was thrown a little as when I got there I had to have a die injection...all I can say in summary, it was probably the most vulnerable I have ever felt... The MRI machine was so scary but amazing, so I lay there, trying to keep composed thinking about how amazing people must be to create this, how my life was playing out and how so many people would have been in the same position as me's certainly a moment I will remember for along time a moment in time...anyway, after 1hr of noise and scanning and contemplation I left the clinic feeling very sorry for my self...

That was until ......

On driving back to work ... I was sitting behind a big double trailer truck was going pretty slow, and then in an flash of a second I had a late model silver car flying towards me had been in front of the truck , the truck had obviously cliped it from behind and it was now flying towards me a great speed after being thrown into a complete 360 spin .. Only to end up under the truck.... I stopped the car, put on my hazard lights and jumped out, the whole way telling myself that I needed to help, but I was going to see a squashed person under the truck..I got to the car, and low and behold, a middle age guy was sitting there, completely unharmed..I had my cell, already connecting to 111, I was speaking to the man, and by then a lot of others had run to help, the emergency operator asked for the patients name .... He replied, Steve ....what's the patients last name they requested .... So I sked Steve... What's your last name mate ? Skidwell ...I mean had to laugh , as the skids to the underneath of the truck were done very well!  This is the story that would only ever happen to me!

Any way, the best part of the story was I sat on the side of the road with Mr Skidwell , and we chatted , I offered support to him whilst he awaited some support to arrive ...and through a random feeling of vunrabilty from us both ,I'm told MR Skidwell about my MRI and everything seemed to be ok .... So thanks Mr Skidwell ...I may have helped you, but you helped me too! 

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