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Posted on May 02, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I'm so absolutely knakered, but feeling completely nutty!   It seems that with exhaustion your mind and body can either take the option of doing two things.... Crawling into a warm cosy bed or pushing through it and experiencing 2nd, 3 rd and 4 th lives! ....and that's what mine has opted for ..along with a filter system of the mouth being lost somewhere around the 2 nd life!

its such a sense of relief to see the orders coming off the screen, and to the customer ..the other thing I hadn't really considered in my selling frenzy and courier comoanies don't really change their schedule for you next onslaught I'll think I'll work backwards from their schedule !

Anyway, the Kaos has brought my new team together real quick! So wonderful to see such a small amount of people churn out so much work, and the best thing, we have all had the time of our life ...indulging over fast food fatty take outs ...a few wines...renaming each other (in fact calling someone now by their real name almost stops everyone in their tracks) !   So the ride has been wickedly cool!

As for the #buildabiz comp, feeling so excited and nervous for it to end.  I have honestly been consumed with winning this since 1 st October, my team of now 5, from originally just me all know and have been told that if 'Shazdannay' doesn't win that she will be unavailable for contact as she sets sail on her trusty Kayak ... (It was a public annoucement made at around 8pm Thursday NIGHT after 3 rd filter came off)... To my joy the team has decided to throw a launch party off the boat pier and smash a bottle of bubbles after we consume it) on my golden kayak at the KawaKawa bay boat ramp...then I will row out to Florida where I will be picking up the #steelcowgirl ...who will join me at on ship (I'm sure the extra set of paddles will be much appreciated at this time) to paddle to Necker as she needs to meet Daymond John (aka shark tank guru).... So I guess .,.the moral of the story is ....I'm going to Necker .... YES .. !!! Have some cocktails ready for us #richardbranson .... Get your zip line ready #timferris ...  Put your nice birthday suit ...oh sorry bathing suit on #daymondjohn as this #honeybunch is coming to you ...


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