2 honeys who love a bunch of cool stuff...

Posted on November 12, 2018 by Lisa Jolly

Welcome to our crazy, vibrant lifestyle subscription biz!

Allow us to introduce ourselves, LJ and Mavis ...2 sassy serial entrepreneurs who have drawn a line in the sand with our credit cards, and have decided to step back in time and show you how woman gathered and hunted.

Thats right ...we believe shoppinghunting and gathering is a birthright ...if we were around BC ..perhaps the cavemen would have had Gas barbques and the girls lippy and Calvin Klein undies!

Don’t stress ..we change our minds like we change our Calvin Klein’s ..so we will be fresh...sweet ...original and what ever floats our boat will be right here.

So here we are... as we export to the world we thought its only fair to bring the world back to you in New Zealand ...in a box ...monthly!

We have chosen adventure, cocktails and shopping to move forward ...and of course...why not .... we are ‘2 honeys who love a bunch of cool stuff’ 

love ...smiles....and laughter ..

LJ and Mavis x o


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