It's a pallet, its a shop ....oh well it will be cool ...

Posted on May 14, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Wow, it's actually amazing to be sitting in my office ... Odd , and a little strange as I look at my email box 5328 emails ...ekkkkk! I wish I knew how to delete them all at once .... Still not that savy!

I'm practicing being a remote controller, a tricky thing to do when you want people to just run with it and trust their inner them..and they have only just started ....also a tricky thing to let go of your baby ....actually it's like a baby ..#honeybunch born eight months ago (thanks #buildabiz)  and just starting to crawl ...shuffle and hopefully soon toddle off into a bigger world ..... I have hand picked  the Honeybunch team, so I'm a true believer that you attract like minded people and I get great pleasure from seeing them grow confidently in the business.  I'm hoping that me stepping away form the everyday grind of the business may have a #timferriss effect and I'll actually be able to really enjoy the next part of the Hong Kong Journey, knowing that my NZ team are rocking it! 

I drove to Dads this avo to check up of his fitting progress, he's building it straight from my head to his garage to Hong Kong ....and today I tried to display how the pallet was actually a beautiful shelf, a light fitting and counter occurred to me, that it didn't really matter as all of the passion and care that everyone in my life is putting into this journey would make the pallet look god damn beautiful!  Win or loose ...I think if anything, I have at least inspired a few people to be a little more outgoing, ...a little more spontaneous and as Julz said to me the other day ...'you make people feel it's ok to be a little crazy' for me that's a win (but I would still prefer to be a 'little' crazy on Necker #richardbranson ! 

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