Lights ..action ...

Posted on May 24, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I'm not sure why, but im feeling so super energetic .. I love the home straight of any race, or finishing any project and getting onto the new ... I guess the combination of being the last week of the #buildabiz comp ... Finishing a mass of product production, and heading into June, which is just full of Honeybunch Hong Kong ...I can't help but feel excited!

I've also decided that in June Im going to be healthy, fit and get my bikini body ready for Necker Island.. So that's another challenge all in its self ..especially how me and my small amazing crew all share the love of red wine, cheese and chocolate !!!

I'm also excited about Thursday, when Shazdonnay, Julz, Sharona, Crystal and Juniper have decided to produce the new latest Hollywood block buster as they launch Shazdonnay off on her Kayak to Necker Island ...LOL ... Good times!   

It's so true ....the success is so nothing without an exciting fun journey ... Besides ...we need to continue to create and re tell fab funny stories for our wine, chocolate , cheese binges ..right ! 



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