On cloud 888 ...

Posted on June 06, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I'm in bed ..it's 10 am HK time ..had breakfast and I'm actually forcing myself to take a break .. HK is awesome it sleeps in ..nothing opening very early at all, and stays up late and as the day progresses, through the heat, the city ..the humidity ..the night brings a 2nd life and an awesome positive energy ... So I'm attempting to sleep/relax in so I can enjoy a cocktail tonight at happy hour and go meet some cool people .. People who I can tell all about my journey, being a finalist in the #buildabiz comp and plant a wee buzz about #honeybunch Hong Kong! 

I'm so excited after seeing others posting re #buildabiz about 10 minutes prior to the HK business presentstion ...my heart sank..thinking I had missed out.. I actually was near tears about 5 mins before going in to present .. But I said to myself ..,ok Lisa ...you can do this ... Failure is just the beginning of something cool..anyway ..I did my power point and rocked it ... Came back ..still Im disbelief and pending depression....I thought I hadn't made the finalists ..so did an email search and whoop whoop...the email came up! It had been sitting somewhere across the ocean between NZ and HK....about 16 hours before! Talk about 4 seasons of emotion and weather all in one day! 


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