Bigger than I thought ..

June 09, 2015

Bigger than I thought ..but not bigger than me...that's I guess my new attitude on returning from Hong Kong.... It's a combo of a little bit of Richard Branson plotting the course and aiming big, Tim Ferriss attempting to live beyond my means and wherever imagination will take me, and Daymond John grinding like the Starbucks coffee machine to make a smooth roast... #buildabiz shopify platform has given me so much confidence, but my Motherly small country mind is scared shitless!  

So after my sweet dreams of Necker Island tonight, I'm going to get up, 4 am and reset my goal clock, im going to commit to a premise within in my means but keep the amazing premise option open whilst the management of the prestigious development takes me through now a 2 month period, then, if I get an offer Im going to make that happen to..its a opportunity that cannot be missed! I know for the sake of #honeybunch brand, I need to strike whilst the iron is hot..get the doors open in HK and do what I do well...create an amazing culture and brand that people,want to be part of.... Ok ...easy off to Necker Necker land ...sweet dreams #buildabiz