The we can 3....

June 12, 2015

The most amazing feeling of having a big uphill grind is to know that you can actually achieve it ...why ..cause we are the 'we can 3'...the Charlies Angels of South Auckland ...the Julz,Sharonas and ShazDanays of HK and 3 sassy pant chicks who can make this happen.

I know a lot of this journey is sparked by my nutty vision of international success, but I can't help but feel ultra proud of possibly being the spark that ignited confidence, pride and strong cool woman.

 Even better the Mainfreights of this world who have stepped up and offered us free space in Hong Kong for 6 months ..I mean, this sort of stuff is priceless!! I completed humbled by the experience and the support.  

Today has been a high in a long journey, both past and ahead ...but I'm super excited to do this with such a great bunch.... The 'we can 3' .... #buildabiz ......look forward to the yellow doors ladies!