Big leap ...big city ...

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I'm feeling calm, quite and well ..sort of good that I've taken the leap ..and I'm in the process of signing for a shop in Hong Kong!

I knew this was the goal, but when you are faced full frontal with such massive financial decisions it's pretty crazy..

I'm super proud of the Honeybunch team ,., I've dragged them not only into this international adventure but into the ocean ..on my mad galavants ... And completely out of their comfort zone!  But they have held up super well..and still are smiling..... At least they look happy ..unless I've taught them to many of ShazDanays acting skills! LOL!!

Making a decision is also great for the team, I know with our culture's going to be not only great ...but super fun...I'm I love with my products, my brand, and the people in my team ... It's infectious and hopefully worldwide contagious!!!! That's what I call #buildabiz ....

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