Dear Universe ....

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Dear Universe, ...ok, I'm sorry but I have a few requests .. Firstly I just want to state my case.... I've been a good girl lately and working very hard.  I know I've been eating a lot of chocolate cupcakes, but really, I think we can classify this as comfort eating whilst I await the #buildabiz shopify results.

Anyway Universe, can you please do a few things for me...

1.  Shine down on the awesome peeps at #shopify and give them warm fuzzy feelings about #honeybunch ....or tell them to please put me out of my cupcake eating misery's not good for me!

2.  Whisper in Richard Bransons ear how good his hair looks blowing in the wind, and in the same breath mention my name and #honeybunch....

3.  Last but not least this one is the toughest cookies, possibly ...whilst Tim Ferriss is sipping on his tea, can you please form the letters Honeybunch with his tea leaves... Maybe do a tea left portrait of me when I was 18 or something...? Will 'leaf' it up to you ..

Ok, thanks Universe, I know it's a big ask .... But I have every faith in you #buildabiz 

feel better now :) 


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