July 01, 2015

As I forced the staff to do a lunchtime team run yesterday around the ghetto land in our area (actually one of the highest crime areas in South auckland) so not only was it a run, but almost a navy seal mission... One thing stood out for me..a comment made by Julz aka as my dearest friend Amy, she said 'bloody hell shaz're like an energiser just keep going and going' as I actually, even though I was physically dying inside... I wanted to make out I wasn't.... Julz also didn't see me last night soaking my aches and pains and taking a nurophen as I clearly had I over done the exercise that day..So I guess with a new month comes new determination from this energiser bunny to keep going and going ... However I feel like a freakin old pathetic bunny right now who doesn't want to come out of his little warm hole, I'm going to hop right out back into the traffic.  

Ok ...wish me luck, as July hasn't really started out as I planned but Im putting my little cotton socks back on and here I go!  Knew I should have rolled with 'SirSockAlot' ... :(