A for awesome ...

Posted on August 03, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

It's been a while since I wrote but ...

July has been a month of hibanation, reflection and to much on the go in my head... I didn't sleep last night, wondering and worrying about everything I'm doing.... I'm sure there are many small business owners trying to take something to the next level who have similar shit sleeping patterns!  It's weird, but since Cecil the Lion horror story I have been wondering why I'm so focussed on my business and not on things that really matter ...it sucks ....it sucks to know that I don't have any clout to make change ... So to compromise, I've altered my business plan.. One to open HK, work my arse off...sell it to Loreal and then help nail poachers full time.  I'm also going to research and find out the best place I can donate to and set up some form of formal donation to assist someone based on the ground in Africa to help them fight against wankers who have no soul, and need to make them selves feel manly by killing these beautiful anaimals.  Quite frankly humans are idiots!  I've found my cause ..actually I believe this past week I realised why I was born.  I can't just sit back and do nothing.

On the business side of things...I'm still in limbo, but have made a decision to refind my courage and make some strong bold decisions ... So that's it...A for AUGUST and A for Awesome.... Let's do this ..starting 'A'fter another coffee!

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