.......bye bye 2018! WELCOME 2019

Posted on January 16, 2019 by Helen Watson

Happy New Year Everyone. We saw out 2018 by sending out hundreds and hundreds of boxes resulting in some very happy customers ..however it is always upsetting that a few feel the need to critise everything we do, sometimes rather publically on our Facebook page. Please be assured we always give our best.

Whilst we change the direction of Honeybunch to a more sustainable business model, it’s fantastic to see those of you who are embracing this change, supporting us and are very satisfied with our offering. This makes us very happy. We understand change is sometimes scary - I can assure you, every gift we send out on your behalf, every flower we pick to send to a loved one on your behalf or if you have entrusted your special wedding flowers with us, all are treated with the same love, respect and dedication that is renowned with the Honeybunch name.

We have hit the ground running in 2019 with new products being developed, new business opportunities being explored off shore, You Tube Chanel to attend to and a desire to be the best online business in NZ.
As LJ and I get to know each other we continue to love and laugh through good times and bad but most of all look forward to an exciting year ahead. Mavis xx

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