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Posted on November 26, 2018 by Helen Watson

Hey hey everyone it’s Mavis here, LJ’s latest side kick..... It is a miserable Sunday so I am taking time to reflect on the past 6 months since I signed up for a bath bomb course with Honeybunch....... it was 2 hours of chat and laughter with LJ. Over coffee the following week she invited me to share a stall with Honeybunch at the Hong Kong Fair. I was launching a new product Manuka Honey Toothpaste for kids, so jumped at the chance. Doing business by day and retiring to the Ovolo Hotel at night we enjoyed their infamous Happy Hour, meeting international guests, laughing and sharing stories together. 😝 LJ has many balls in the air and needed a hand with Honeybunch so I signed up. No sooner had we opened our little shop in Clevedon fully stocked and looking gorgeous, erected a sign, we had rocks thrown through our windows and obscenities scribbled over the windows.... some sad arse had made a personal attack on my mate.... 😟not to be deterred we kept laughing and moving forward, deciding to create a business that suited our lifestyle. We both love travel so the idea to become personal shoppers and launch a subscription box business appealed. We flew to LAX last week, personally shopping for many of you, while shopping for our pre sold boxes. #worldwidebuzz We have started a You Tube Channel called Mavis and LJ - please subscribe...... ✅ we have over 50 subscribers already, however we would love to add a few zeros to that total. We have had hundreds of views, so come on this funny journey with us 😜 I GUARANTEE you will be constantly entertained with love and laughter.... 😁💗💁‍♀️Mx

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