One eyed bandit ...

Posted on September 03, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

I've pulled over on  side of the road, firstly because I can't see, as the Chinese masseuse that pulperised  me has left me sightless in my right eye ... I thought after a staff meeting and a couple of wines that my sight would be restored...but no.. Still lisa left eye ..and funnily enough , with loss of sight , there is no loss of appetite in sight ..why can the masseuse massage my cravings for pies, cheese wine and chocolate away .. Would be a freakin awesome business, as I would certainly sign up!  Was a weird staff meeting ...but I did leave feeling proud as Joy spoke up about here thoughts re offcuts , Bailey announced her pending bible college and my  (pastor) pasta jokes didn't really make anyone laugh except for me , and then lovely Jo came to collect shy wee Alyssa , and made me feel slightly better from announcing that she couldn't  go on the school trip to Spain as they were concerned she would drink on the plane .. So all in all ... An interesting day ... Can't wait for tomorrow ...maybe able to claim a sicky actually now being an actual blind old bat ...

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Family outing ...

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

Nothing like coming home ..walking the first bay peacefully after kid three drops you off and illegally drives off looking in my Toyota wi... Thinking he's p diddy ...except very white (winter) getting to the local gas station to collect the company soap mobeal (aka known as the Jesus wagon as it was purchased of the pastors ...lasagne and liquine family ) which has been in the shop for a wof ..getting in to what's spose to be a soap car and smells like a rotten dead fish / chicken situation to discover that you have left your Jenny Craig meal in it ....well it only gets better , get home to have the entire kids one two and three advise me that nana and poppy have invited us out for dinner..... I'm thinking , crap I have to wash... Look normal....but I guess it's a nice thought ...only to discover its KFC Papakura ....enough said!

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Narrow minds.....

Posted on August 26, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

Tuesday nights are now the worst night for me ... I come home to great comforts of a freshly made bed, dinner made and the mother in law at the helm ...what infuriates me is the trade off to the comforts is an out right take over of negativity and bullying ..which sadly is all fired back at me... I feel super grumpy right now, as I'm in horror of the narrow minds in this house ...don't get me wrong , every person is aloud an opinion and I love that ...but to generalise, and make assumptions when they are not prepared to stand in the traffic really leaves me fuming .. Anyway, I've come upstairs now ... To the beautiful bed, puppies in check , and now I'm going to think happy thoughts, as today, was a particularly awesome day with a new relationship just about to blossom with happy valley honey .. Now that's happy ... I'll cling to that for the meantime :)



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Good mummy ...

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

Sitting in my little car...aka 'wilbur' , no matter what i do I still struggle with the balance of being a mum and a business chick ...but here I am about to pick Kid 3 up from school .. Only a mere 75 km approx away ..two hours drive in the morn ... And I have to wonder..WTF was I thinking ..and on a bit of reflection .. My decision to do this at the beginning of the year was pure stubbornness on my part and trying to prove a point to kid 3 that life is not always easy ...failed to think about how unbalanced this driving would make me !!! Ahhhhhhh got to go kid 3 marching my way .. He looks hungry ..not good considering ling ling just blew my Jenny Craig gig today at lunch with my bagel and cream cheese ...oh well ..




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Ok..., giant big leap

Posted on August 23, 2014 by Lisa Jolly

Honey bunch is born and I'm attempting to be a born again writer as well, and to be fair, it's bloody hard...over the past few years, since my last blog with my business scent, my confidence has been..well ..not anywhere to be seen , and I guess that making the first step in a back to basics and back to all about me approach is something foreign.  So with the sunshine today a lot of things look brighter...... So was I sat on the deck, a lot of things relvealed themselves ...firstly a slight hint of confidence, secondly a smile and thirdly an ungodly amount of winter hair!  I also realised how white I was ... I actually found myself repositioning my deck chair incase an incoming fishing boat thought I was the light at the boat ramp ....anyway,  the later of the two are fixable ... And tick to confidence and having fun!  Business should be fun, life should be fun, and I'm not prepared to be anywhere in between enjoy my blog..I'm sure as my confidence grows, I will offend many ...perhaps make people laugh ...but hey ...if you're reading it..then isn't it better to be talked about than not at all...!! Rock on honeybunch ... Starting with Whitford ...just a shell, but it's what's inside the shell which will create the journey and the experience...





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